At Vineyard Personalized Medicine, we are dedicated to helping our patients get healthy by getting to the causes of illness, rather than just masking the symptoms. We offer a variety of treatments to bolster your natural healing, taking the stress off of your body and allowing it to recover.

Some services we offer include:

  1. IV Vitamins (Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Taurine, Magnesium, Minerals)

  2. IV Alpha Lipoic Acid (Helps neurologic problems / Mold exposure detox)

  3. IV Glutathione (Helps with lyme, chemical sensitivity, removes mercury)

  4. Oxygen therapy (Repairs damaged cells)

  5. IV Chelation (Removes heavy metals)

  6. IV CoQ10 (Improves energy levels)

  7. Allergy provocation and neutralization

  8. Prescription hormone replacement

  9. Supplements

  10. HCG diet (weight-loss)

  11. Sauna programs

  12. Dietary allergy testing*

  13. Neurotransmitter testing*

  14. Lyme testing*

                                    * These tests are kits sent to outside labs

Insurance Information:

  1. At VPM we are in network with:

  2. Tufts

  3. Medicare

  4. United Healthcare

  5. Masshealth

  6. Network Health

  1. We also accept several out-of-network PPO plans such as Blue Cross / Blue Shield, however we do not currently take any HMO’s as they do not cover our services. Please note that due to the variety in plans the best way to find out your insurance coverage is by calling your insurance company directly. We do our best to get our patients reimbursed. Unfortunately, due to the alternative nature of some these treatments, insurance may not cover certain procedures, and must be paid out-of-pocket by the patient. A list of our prices is available here.


Vineyard Personalized Medicine Treatment

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Lisa Nagy M.D.

University of Penn B.A. - 1982

Cornell Medical College M.D. - 1986

Board Certified - Emergency Medicine

Board Eligible - Environmental Medicine

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